We blend custom formulations to suit your brand requirements…
Let us help you develop and market your new concepts and products.
We distribute Cimex machines and Releasit encapsulating carpet technology.

In 2014, our blended or distributed solutions cleaned over 75 million sq.ft.

About Us

Welcome to the LifeTime Solutions Ltd. Home Page.

LifeTime Solutions was founded in 2004 and introduced a new kind of powerful, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solution to Canada. This little family run business has since been growing and changing and now harnesses the ability to blend a full range of unique green products for any industry North America wide.  At our facility, we can develop, blend, bottle, label and ship orders of any volume.  We supply an array of different bottle types and sizes and can supply the labels too.  Let us know what you need, and how we can help you.


Product Blending

We offer propietary blending services for your unique products, or we can blend you a product from our list of products to suit your needs.  Or, we can offer unique R&D services and work with you to blend a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Product Development

At LifeTime, if you are interested in developing your own brand of cleaners to distribute at your online store, at your health food or healthy living store, at your naturopathic doctors practice, or anywhere….we can help get you started.


LifeTime Solutions Ltd holds the Canadian distribution rights for the Cimex Line of cleaning machines, along with the Releasit brand of encapsulating carpet cleaners that are used with the Cimex Scrubbers.  This unique carpet cleaning combo is extremely effective, saves time and money!